Sunday, September 13, 2009

We'll Be Back Soon ...

  • The forty mile week is over and completed. The physically and mentally intense ten days (for both Troy and I) are done! The malaria illness really messed with us in a lot of ways - I won't bore anyone with the struggles of the week - I'll just say - Thank you Lord that it is over!
  • We have a lot going this coming week with a guest arriving this afternoon that will be doing a lot of filming, I doubt we'll have very much time to post here.
  • The traveling team for MN is pretty-well set for Sept 29. The benched players will be managed by capable friends here in Haiti. We have one decision left to make. Lydie is our last variable and we have no idea if we should play her or bench her. We have the option to leave her home with Megan, Vivien and Jeronne. She will likely get sick if we bring her, she does every time we fly with her. She is so ornery, flying with her could be hellish. But leaving her behind is giving me guilt. (It is her 2nd birthday the day of the race/banquet. I have never left her for ten days. She is my last baby ... blah blah blah - wah wah wah) I just need to decide once and for all and stop going back and forth about it every single day - and torturing myself.
  • Troy leaves here late this week for four days to speak in Michigan. I dislike being in Haiti without him. I feel like a fish out of water without my best friend and partner here. I dread his departure. And yes, I know I am a giant baby.
  • If $66 came in each day until the race - it would mean 40K and 400+ kids treated - do you think it could happen? I am excited to watch and see.
Until next time,
T & T & Tribe

This article is sad and is exactly why prenatal care is such an important thing that Heartline is doing.