Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tucking in Tuesday

Women's Program went well today. We had a smaller group today, not sure why so many were absent. Today was Early Childhood Development day, moms come to this class for one year after their babies are born. After class John Ackerman, a nurse and 20 year resident of Haiti is available to listen to sick babies and try to offer the moms some help and encouragement.

I am going through this odd season of reflection. Reflecting on the past, uncertain about the future ... basically just sort of unsettled. Traveling seems to do that to me, but also I think it is because we went to a couple of counseling appointments when we were in Minnesota and we talked a lot about what we've learned about ourselves during our time in Haiti. (And what we have learned about Haiti -- which is basically that it won't ever be understood by us.) Those appointments were really good for us - and important - but I am ready to turn my brain off and just feel all settled in my soul again.

I was looking back at our old videos and realized that this one was taken three years ago today. We lived 90 minutes from Port au Prince and we'd been in Haiti only 10 months.

I wish I would not have blinked. Just like that, they're big kids.

(Photos from today of Paige with Sophia and Lisa, Jonna and Beth)