Monday, August 23, 2010

For the love of everything good ...

... please help me quiet this man down. 
I beg of you. 

Email #1 -
On Aug 22, 2010, at 2:17 PM, John McHoul wrote:

We  have Waterloo and Little Big Horn and so what shall we call your upcoming defeat of the Big Hair Challenge?  How about: TARA'S FOLLY. Lets choose the name well for posterity as our children's children will be studying this great  defeat in their history books. 
Yes I like it: TARA'S FOLLY.

John the Victor

My Reply -
I have 100 days.  I would say it is faaaaar too soon for you to be smackin your lips  ---- 30% of the way there in 19 days.  You will be beautiful bald.

Email #2-
August 22, 2010, at 3:57 PM, John McHoul wrote:
My, my, my and I suppose that you believe in BIG FOOT as well. Poor dear, rest and don't over exert yourself. Drink warm milk at night so you can get some sleep. 

I am not even slightly worried. It won't even take until November 12 for the hair to go.

You have no chance McHoul.


Obligatory serious portion of this post :

The hospital will serve far more than just pregnant women.
But today I am focusing on them.

From the World Health Organization-  On maternal death rates ...
"Poverty also plays an important role. Some 99 percent of the estimated 500,000 women who die every year giving birth are in developing countries where medical supplies and skilled workers are in short supply."

Please read past posts to get an idea of the population we are reaching ..

or here
and here
and lastly here.

(The ambulance/transport vehicle that we raised money for when we ran the January 2010 Disney Marathon has been ordered and we are waiting on its delivery anytime.)

If you have time, look up the maternal death rate in Haiti.  Think about having no place to take your tiny sick newborn baby. Think about having an infection after giving birth but having nowhere to go for help.

Heartline is positioned to help change those statistics. Our women do not need to have high risk pregnancies without care that end with a delivery at "home" (a tent? a 10X10 tarped off area?) and the loss of their babies and possibly their own lives.  We know what the problem is. We don't want to look the other way and ignore it. With God's help, we are in a position on the ground  - with experience and love we can and will impact lives.  We will continue to work in relationship with each woman we meet. We will continue to support her in the crucial first six months after her baby is born.

Getting turned away by a hospital with a woman in labor that needs IMMEDIATE care is not acceptable to us.We need the facilities to handle the highest-risk cases and options for c-sections and complications with babies after their birth.  Our choices and other options are incredibly limited and downright disappointing.  We want to do better. We want to build a hospital. Will you help us?