Saturday, August 28, 2010

MN and Mayo Clinic bound

Thankful today for the answered prayers for Amanda as she officially begins her journey to the Mayo Clinic. We're excited to hear about her flight to the U.S. of A  from Dokte Jen. Their first flight got canceled after spending much of the day at the PAP airport yesterday, please be praying they make it to MN safely tonight.

In 25 days we YOU raised $19,000 for the first phase of the Heartline Hospital and for the removal of John's mangy mess hay-uh (which of course is secondary to the hospital but SO very satisfying).

John has a false sense of security ...

Begin forwarded message:

From: John McHoul
Date: August 26, 2010 5:49:57 PM GMT-05:00
To: Tara
Subject: shampoo

Hey Tara,
Trust that you are well.
I am bringing back with me a couple of suitcases of supplies to Haiti.  I especially made room for a very large bottle of shampoo as I expect not to lose my hair anytime  - or any year soon.

We hit 19k a little after noon today.  THANK YOU to each and every donor.  I will let John know to save the shampoo money and donate it to the hospital fund.  (John, go ahead and do that by using the Chip In button to the top left side of the screen.)

Please spread the word to your friends.  Heartline invests in the lives of the people they serve.  Amanda is just one example ... after months and months of hard work by many players she is getting to one of the finest medical facilities in the world for specialized care.  Rather than shrug and say, "Sorry, we cannot help",  Heartline volunteers and staff made it a priority to fight for Amanda.

Heartline will advocate for those without the ability to fight the system and we will pray for answers when there seems to be no answers. We love these people we are blessed to interact with and we are committed to helping them. Your help and prayers are more than appreciated and key to our success. Please keep encouraging others to look at the work being done and invest in the future.
THANK YOU for your love!