Monday, August 16, 2010

MN Summer

Lydie struts in her one-piece

Hopie got to see Wicked in Mpls. A MAJOR treat for our aspiring singer
We learned that there is no such thing as "too much tubing"
Fish slayers
Isaac's first catch - He went on to catch 25 Sunfish in an hour - Phoebe cheers

Lydia getting fresh with our god-child Grady Slater 

We're wrapping up our time in Minnesota.  It has been so much fun to enjoy the lake and see family and friends. Paige is back in TX with Britt and Chris and has started 10th grade. She decided that even for a few weeks it would be good to get back into a routine of education and using her brain power.

We're applying for a passport for the newest citizen today and planning to buy tickets back to the Caribbean sometime this week.  We think early October is realistic - we're hoping American Airlines has some decent fares and a couple rows of empty seats then.

Troy is considering driving all 1,106 miles from MN to TX straight through. Without our MVP (Paige) I don't know that we can pull that off but we should be back to TX by Thursday early morning. Earplugs may be in order ... and possibly some melatonin. (For the kids - not the driver)

Ex-con or Missionary? You decide.

Thanks for getting on board to help us reach our 100 day goal of $50,000.  People all across the island nation will soon thank you for ridding them of this monstrosity of an eye-sore.

How long can they endure the risk of running into this head of hay-uh? 

More important than freeing John from his hippy hair, we're excited as we look forward to Heartline's future hospital for the Haitian people.  Please be praying for the decisions being made and for the funding as well. Scroll down to the previous post to give!

Off to enjoy our last 48 hours in the land of 10,000 lakes,

T & T