Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MN Update

We're still on the road with the tribe and in and out of the gas-guzzling carbon footprint creating crumb machine ... Because we're not sitting still for long (and we are enjoying RLR) we've not had time to update here.   This is what you might care to know:

  • Okoboji Lakes Bible and Missionary Conference was really a great time. We met amazingly kind people (Thanks to all of you!) and were blessed by some really brave missionaries (and their stories) from around the world. 
  • The last speaker spoke on anger and fear and those topics are fairly ...   ahem .... relevant for me. 
  • Loved it.  Loved being there.  Exhausted from going 100 miles a minute and dealing with cornholio kids that were short on sleep for 10 days straight. Hoping to find a dark room for them  - to force them to catch up on their sleep.
  • Stayed at a friends cabin on Spirit Lake.  SO beautiful and fun. (Thanks lards for sharing!)
  • Saw lots of family...SIX of my aunts in one week. (And five uncles.)  That has maybe never happened?
  • Paige was baptized in lake Okoboji, a super sweet moment in her life.
  • Our speaking went fairly well.  You always seem to wish you could change something once you're finished.
  • Got to spend tons of time with two of my closest friends - my little sister and 'Dokte' Jen ... loved that so much.
  • Got to MN yesterday ...  trying to see and hug all the MN friends before we head back to Tejas next Monday.
  • Three Livesay kids visited Grandma for teeth cleaning at the dentist today.  
  • Saving the best for last ....  I am pleased (giddy, freaking out happy, grateful, thrilled) to announce that the Livesay family has added a 100% legitimate and official U.S. Citizen to the family.  Our daughter had her citizenship granted :)
  • We get to start figuring out when we'll head home to PAP. :) There are passports/logistics to figure out and some variables to manage & decisions for Troy and I to make - but the great news is that the biggest hurdle has been conquered and so many prayers answered ... and we finally get to leave limbo-living behind. Thanks to each and every person that covered this situation in prayer, Miss Phoebe is a proud American. 
  • Mesi Jezi!