Tuesday, March 01, 2011

52 looks good on you ...

Lucille and her newborn daughter Sara

Lucille is steady. She is strong. She is kind and peaceful.

Jonna Howard, Heartline midwife took this photo of Lucille the other day.  I love photos that capture this much emotion.

We were all so fascinated by Lucille, her story, her life, her joy and pep.

Just a week ago, at 52 years of age she gave birth to her 12th child.  Her oldest child is turning 36 this year. 11 of her 12 children are currently living. She knew about our prenatal program because her daughter had been in the program when she was pregnant and gave birth in 2009. 

We hope in our remaining months with Lucille and her baby Sara in the Early Childhood Development program that we'll have many more opportunities to hear stories about her life.

You can just tell that Lucille knows some things.  :)