Monday, March 14, 2011

No more brace-face

Before - April 2009
After - March 2011

The big haps at our house this weekend:

1. Paige got her braces off Friday
2. Paige had some sort of crazy allergic reaction and was totally miserable Saturday and Sunday
3. Paige was put on steroids and other drugs by her fabulous personal pediatrician Dokte Jen
4. Paige got hungry and irritable and remains so
5. Paige stayed home from school today to continue recovering from unknown allergic reaction

In non-Paige news:
1. Saturday Hope and Isaac went to the beach with the Hendrick family. They had a blast.
2. Noah is all better, no more puking of fever. Thursday and Friday were not fun days for him.
3. Harbor House ladies came over to play basketball, swim, and watch the movie Annie Saturday afternoon ... they were not too into that movie choice.
4. Church on Sunday followed by a time of prayer and discussion at the new Heartline land as we all try to determine the timing for each family moving there.
5. Geronne loved seeing the land. She is totally annoyed with the amount of rent we pay at our house. (We are not nearly as annoyed as she is.) So she thinks moving to this new property is the way to go. We probably won't move for another year though.
6. I told Geronne every woman in America wants her fabulous arms. I asked her if she wanted to give any tips... maybe create a workout video?  She said "sweep".  There you go.  You're welcome.

Photos below compliments of Beth McHoul/Jonna Howard.  (Jonna took these with Beth's camera, therefore she is missing from most photos.)
Those that were baptized last Sunday
Lydia likes to sit by John - because she knows it bugs him
Forget your personal space bubble
Ike and Geronne at the new land
Our first party/meal at new land
Melissa (visiting) & Beth
Troy tweeting about Aaron
Heather and Tara

Barry (manages guesthouse) and Jonna (midwife extraordinaire)
Brit, Collins (visiting), Becca & Barry (guesthouse)
Pierre & Junior
Ready for another unpredictable week in Port au Prince! Here we go.