Thursday, March 03, 2011


  • Fun friends the Salvants are here for a week. We love them and are anxious for them to be here full-time. Anyone who read post-eq remembers Scott Salvant stories.  Scott and April are good peeps.  It warmed my heart to hear Scott say that their first year they will mainly focus on adjusting their family and Creole.  Family before mission has been a goal of ours - sometimes it can feel selfish - even when you know it is right.
  • Tina, Tara's little sister comes later today. So so soooo excited. It means a lot to each of us that she likes coming here. One person woke up weepy (the happy weepy) thinking about how great it is to have a sister that is also a best-friend that will also come to Haiti to visit us.
  • Friends from TX, Jimmy and Janet Dorrell from Church Under the Bridge and Mission Waco come in today too and we'll get to squeeze them at the airport before they head north to Cap.H. They come back to spend a day with us next week. Respect them so much and are glad to get a few hours with them. (Tim and Amie - this is designed to make you jealous. Did it work?)
  • The Harbor House gals have a new teacher/leader working with them Mon-Wed-Fri and we all think she is going to be a great fit.  Yesterday late in the day there was a little blow up.  A bunch of teenage girls living in one house, it is to be expected. Think of the drama of just one teenage girl. Now multiply by 5 and add in the fact that they've rarely seen anyone talk out a problem, they've only seen yelling and walking away mad. The things that cause week long fights are kind of mind-boggling. It so entertains me to watch Troy talk through that stuff with them.  We desperately need to work on anger management and conflict resolution.  We're excited that a group of Psychologist-types from Idaho will be coming to work with us and train us in early April. They come specifically to give us new tools to help the girls. 
  • We have lots of fun plans with Tina and the Hendricks and others in the coming week because the kids have time off of school and Noah has a birthday this weekend. It feels quite festive to have so many things planned in one week. 
  • Teaching applicants - We will reply in two weeks. Thanks for sending us your information and for your interest.Thanks to all of you reading for continuing to spread the word.
  • Today is prenatal day. We've had a few really wild and odd situations lately. Thank you so much for praying for the ladies.