Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tires and Motos

Yesterday we bought four new tires.

It had to be done.

There are a handful of boring purchases a grown-up type person might make in the course of their grown up life. I am one million percent convinced tires are among the very least enthralling of them all.

Driving with a safe vehicle is important though.  The driving here will always be stressful and less than predictable; our vehicle should be everything it can be ... Or something closely resembling that.

Troy lobbied hard for a motorcycle our first few years in Haiti.  I must have finally shed enough dramatic tears because he never suggests buying one anymore.  We made a deal in 2008 that once our youngest child is 15 he will get his motorcycle.  Don't judge.  That was a major compromise on my part. Until that day I prefer for his head to be intact and his limbs to be attached. The riskier people and those young and childless whipper snappers can jet around Port au Prince traffic on their motorcycles. Troy will continue to be forced to look longingly at them and wish for his youth.

Meanwhile we can remain a big family with a Daddy and a less neurotic and less worried Mommy. 

Last week one day a moto driver hit Troy.  When they got out in traffic to look quickly for damage and to talk  - the driver said, "WHAT!?!?- I WASN'T LOOKING!!!"  There was no arguing with such honesty.

This post is about the day we hit a motorcycle ... it is called 'Sometimes in Haiti you pay because you can.'  (click on title to link) It showcases Troy's well hidden thespian talents.

Besides missing out on marrying a wife that likes motorcycles, he may have missed his true calling.