Wednesday, November 14, 2012

celebrating the vocation of marriage

Marriage is foremost a vocation. Two people are called together to fulfill a mission that God has given them. Marriage is a spiritual reality. That is to say, [people] come together for life, not just because they experience deep love for each other, but because they believe that God loves each of them with an infinite love and has called them to each other to be living witnesses of that love. To love is to embody God’s infinite love in a faithful communion with another human being." -Henri Nouwen

Exactly fourteen years ago today, this new family was made.

We are thankful to Jesus for the learning, loving, growing, brokenness, and healing that has happened in our lives, and for all those things that continue on today. The four of us made big commitments on November 14, 1998. We had no idea we would add five more members to our family or that we'd find ourselves all upside-down and challenged in another land. To say that it has been all sunshine and roses (or rainbows and ponies) would be a giant stretch (read: lie) - but God has faithfully walked us through each trial and He has given us so many reasons to rejoice.

All of that to say, Happy Anniversary TROY  - I am grateful to celebrate life, love, and His faithfulness today.