Monday, November 12, 2012

oh nothing, just reading a memoir, like you do

Hope - doing some early morning reading at the breakfast table.

~When I stumbled toward the coffee Sunday morning, I found this one ^ doing some light reading.She filled me in on Mrs. Bush's early childhood and is very excited to keep reading.

~Dada, a brave and shy teen mom, delivered a 7lb baby boy this morning. She named him Givenson.

~Lots of babies due in the next couple of weeks. We're always asking (begging?) God for safe, easy, daytime deliveries.

~It is the middle of November this week. How? Fall 2012, we hardly knew thee. 

~Geronne is highly entertained that people across the usa are using her diri ak pwa recipe - she thinks that is craziness. If you try to make rice and beans at your house please leave a comment with what you changed or thought at this post.