Friday, November 23, 2012


After the three Tuesday babies and lots of joy and celebration ...

Three  Four new labors/deliveries/prayer needs -

Fedna (first time mom) arrived at the Maternity Center dilated to 2cm. 24 hours later she was 3cm and the position of the baby seemed worrisome.  At times we use pitocin but we decided against that with Fedna and instead she was transported to the nearby (relative term) Doctors Without Borders hospital early Thursday morning. She has since delivered a healthy baby.

Bedline called to say she was heading toward the Maternity Center Thursday morning. She arrived at 9am and delivered a baby girl at 12:45.  Bedline is big sister to Hope and Phoebe. They will get to go meet their niece today.  Bedline's little girl was almost 8lbs. There were a few complications after birth but everyone is doing well now.

Kerline arrived at noon Thursday.  She is 16 years old. Many of you have prayed for her in recent months.  Her baby had no heartbeat upon her arrival.  She does not know how long ago the baby stopped moving.  She delivered her stillborn baby girl at 9pm last night. Her dad took the baby home in a tiny coffin. Kerline is so obviously being abused by someone. It is not uncommon for us to never fully understand the story, this is no different. Kerline could use love and prayers in the coming days and weeks.

Suze just arrived at the Maternity Center and is already 7cm.  Baby number 7 of the week should be here before noon.

The team this week has been: Jenn G., Winifred L., Beth & Tara ... we need some endurance and then we'd love a weekend off.  Pray with us for that :)  (with many thanks to advisors Melissa and Sarah O.)

Ginnette & her son returning home Thursday morning