Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Phoebe

The year between five and six you:

  • Came out of your shell.
  • Loved riding your plastic bike in the summer.
  • Enjoyed playing dolls and making clothes for them out of rags and ponytail-holders. (lots of strapless designs by Phoebe!)
  • Started five-day a week Kindergarten. 
  • Learned to write.
  • Learned to read!
  • Learned to give a short speech. (cutest thing ever)
  • Loved a stuffed lion very much, took it many places.
  • Grew from a size 12 shoe to a size 1 shoe  - never wore a 13.
  • Started wearing size 6 clothes 
  • Tried to learn to love swimming but mainly still love sitting on the edge.
  • Had a best friend, named Lydia. 
  • Had a worst enemy, named Lydia.
  • Stayed an introvert but found your voice.

We love you. 
Happy 6th birthday to number 6.  
You are a gift to us all.


Ang said...

I love your year-in-review summaries. I need to remember to do that with my boys; the years run together all too easily. Miss y'all!

Saintly Nurse said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl!!

Marla Taviano said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful Phoebe!!

(my girls make strapless clothes out of scraps and ponytail holders too--they look especially lovely on random stuffed zoo animals like gorillas and manatees)