Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tradition & Expectation

The annual (Livesay) Christmas Extravaganza** tradition (year six) is officially underway. 

In Haiti, Santa's little helpers are frequently doing their helper work topless. What with all the issues with the economy, Santa rather appreciates this reduction in wardrobe expenditure.

The North Pole this is not.

**(If this is confusing to you - the fifteen second explanation is this:  Moving away from family and friends and Christmas in Minnesota meant leaving most of our holiday season traditions. We started a new tradition shortly after we moved to Haiti and each year we have fun making some sort of Christmas "show" (video) with our kids.)

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

On Tuesday, November 20, three brave mommas and Heartline Ministries welcomed three baby boys into the world. We've been waiting on the November baby rush. Wave one is now complete. The first was born at 4:25 am, the second at 6:56am, and the third baby arrived not breathing with a very low heart-rate at 4:35pm. He was quickly resuscitated.  Thanks for your prayers yesterday. We'll post photos of the proud moms and their new sons soon. In the meantime please pray for healing and protection from infection(s) for Venise, Francesca, and Ginnette. 

We see over and over again that God shows up and provides in unique ways for some of the most intense births.  He did again yesterday.  Your prayers matter. 

(This is the second time in Heartline history that three babies were born on the same date. This time they were all born in just over 12 hours, that had never happened before yesterday.The last time three babies were born in one day was January 27 of this year.) 

(There are still four more babies due before December 1st with a possibility of a fifth baby due in early December. If you'd like to pray for the ladies that are due next please click the tab at the top called 'Prayers for Pregos')

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Waiting in Expectation - Henri Nouwen

Waiting patiently for God always includes joyful expectation.  Without expectation our waiting can get bogged down in the present.  When we wait in expectation our whole beings are open to be surprised by joy.

All through the Gospels Jesus  tells us to keep awake and stay alert.  And Paul says, "Brothers and sisters ... the moment is here for you to stop sleeping and wake up, because by now our salvation is nearer than when we first began to believe.  The night is nearly over, daylight is on the way; so let us throw off everything that belongs to the darkness and equip ourselves for the light" (Romans 13:11-12).   It is this joyful expectation of God's coming that offers vitality to our lives. The expectation of the fulfillment of God's promises to us is what allows us to pay full attention to the road on which we are walking.