Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Isaacumen (vol. 4)

Isaac finishes dancing with Paige, Noah, and Hope. I show him the video of their dancing. He watches it and says, "Wow! Huh?That's weird. It felt like I was doing so much more than that."

Troy says to Isaac, (about Easter candy) "Peeps make me sick at the thought of them."  Isaac replies, "I have the same problem with tire-swings."

"My newest favorite words to use are serpentine and fetter." -Announcement made this morning.

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Isaac's side-kick...
The torture of being asked forced to do dishes:
And then of course, the victory:
Saturday afternoon a straw broke the camel's back and we were launched by force into lecture-mode. A few times a year Troy and I snap over one annoyance or another and conduct a well coordinated and expertly executed attack on the utter laziness of our little people.

On this day thrice annually, we go on and on and ooooonnn about how spoiled we are to have help and how it seems possible that nobody will ever marry any of them because they are lards ... And how in real life nobody picks up your dang legos for you. Troy usually throws in a few analogies that go over their heads and by the end everyone sits quietly with their heads cast down silently begging God to let it end already.

This lecture results in two to three weeks days hours of "enthusiastic" and exemplary behavior and work ethic. (See photos.)