Tuesday, April 30, 2013

(i am) in need

I'm surrounded by people with gargantuan physical needs ... Overwhelming and mind-numbing physical needs. Those immediate needs trump the still important but less pressing emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs.

Lately, I too am living in a perpetual state of need.

I feel the weight of corruption and depravity and injustice. It is cumbersome. I wake up in the morning lacking some of the hope I typically experience as the day begins. I am in need of peace.

Throughout the day I walk around muttering things to God. I guess they are prayers technically.  They come out in short little pleas for mercy for those being hurt, for justice for those being exploited, for exposure of those doing harm, and for reparation for pain and sorrow caused. These little barky and desperate prayers, uttered throughout the day, serve to remind me - I am in need.

In need of grace
In need of love
In need of mercy raining down from high above
In need of strength
*In need of peace*
In need of things that only You can give to me
In need of Christ, the perfect Lamb
My refuge strong, The great I Am
This is my song
My humble plea
I am your child
I am in need
(Ross King)

What about you? Are you in need?