Thursday, April 25, 2013

quoting kids

"You sure do love to tickle me, Mom ... You are the kind of mom that is more like a Dad."

After I asked, "Why are you wearing a sweatshirt?" She replied, "Do you see that blueness falling? That is because it is raining." (duh)

"Do I have to shower?  -  Awww, I do? I have a statement to make. I.don'"

"I really wish I had an Irish accent like a Leprechaun. They sound so COOL."

"One day I'll be gone and you'll have no one to mock."

After being asked "What do you worry about buddy?"  "Uh. Seriously? I worry about everything!"

Observing me putting anti-fungal cream on Phoebe,  "She gets that rash at school.  We should stop going to school." -Lydia

 ~          ~          ~

Our kids have just two weeks of school left in the 2012-2013 school year.  After school ends they will have a couple weeks off before LOTS of friends and relatives fly to Haiti for Paige's graduation ceremony, one month from today. We're kind of very giddy about that. This is the first time we have had so many people coming to be with us at once.  Then right after graduation, Jimmy and Becky and Abbi will head to TX and Chelsea arrives from TX to start the summer-school fun.  So much excitement.  

Last night Becky and Jimmy wrote to begin planning a "Senior Trip" for Paige.  I fell asleep smiling at the choices she has for her senior trip and so grateful for the ways God has blessed Paige with special opportunities and relationships and gifts that she will carry with her for a lifetime. The youngest five are ever aware that their time with Paige in the same house is running short. They are taking turns sleeping in her room with her and getting their one-on-one time. Soon, I'm probably going to start taking a turn in that slumber-party rotation too. It is either that, or just sit nearby and stare at her every waking hour. It is just a question of which option is less creepy.