Tuesday, April 23, 2013

love is what you do ~ linking you

Hill Tribers is an organization I've long admired. They are doing beautiful, life-giving and life-honoring relationship based work with refugees in Texas.  I plan to visit them and hug some necks this fall when I am a faux Texan for a few months. 

J.R. asked if I'd write a piece for her site.  I agreed.  I am thankful to have been given a chance to share a small part of our on-going story. Troy and I and our kids are very blessed to be in an open-international-adoption situation and are happy to share a little bit about how that all came to be. 

As followers of Jesus, if we are to pronounce just judgment, we’re going to have to be willing to examine some uncomfortable things and be less fearful of things we don’t understand. As followers of Jesus if we are to be guardians of the poor and afflicted, we’re going to have to ask harder questions and do more research.  As followers of Jesus we should all want to complete adoptions where at the end we can say that the rights of the poor were maintained. Justice doesn’t come easily, but we should be willing to work for it.
Find the full guest post HERE, at 'Love is What You Do'.