Saturday, May 03, 2008


While I dream of running for President and the horror that would be, Troy has his own bad dreams to contend with.

He woke up yesterday and in a seriously panicked tone said, "Do you want to stay with me?" I gave him a blank look. Not because I don't want to stay with him, but because that is a really weird question and an odd choice for first words of the day.

I said, "Yeah. I do." He said, "Oh well I am glad because I am dreaming that you chose Mike Tyson over me. He has a tattoo on his face you know!"

The group here this week are from Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee. They are twenty and young-thirty somethings with lots of spunk. Troy and I are not used to being the oldest ones when teams come, usually it is the opposite. Actually, at 35, I think I am the oldest one here. :( I keep telling them stories from when I was a kid - back when you had to use a telephone to communicate with people and Al Gore had not invented the Internet. They're incredulous that such a time existed. ;-) All kidding aside, it is interesting how this generation uses the Internet to communicate and connect with others. It is called Web 2.0. For this tech-savy group, a laptop ranks third on the needs list; after water and food. We tend to agree with them. We're trying to keep up with these hip youngsters.
The rest of the weekend looks like this:
We're meeting at the prayer rock at 8:30 each morning (another sign of a younger group of people being here - WHY would anyone set devotions for 6:30 or 7 when 8:30 and 9 are a choice!?!?!) After that they'll get the full mission tour and go up to the dam in the village and get the lay of the land. Peter is coming to take them to the market and the charcoal beach. They raised a bunch of money which they decided will be used for food to donate to a few area ministries. Peter will buy the food at the market today. Given the rising food prices, this will be a blessing in more ways than one. Very cool.
This afternoon we'll work on various projects around the mission and tonight if LOST becomes available on Itunes (it was not there last night?) we will download it and have a LOST party.
Tomorrow the entire group will take off early to hike to church up the mountain.