Sunday, May 25, 2008

Making Your Own Electricity

Before I lived here I never knew:
  • A coffee maker uses 7 amps (therefore brew it, then turn it off)
  • An electric fry pan uses 10 amps (therefore make your pancakes quickly)
  • A fan uses only 1 or 2 amps (therefore you can cool down without getting anyone too worked up)
  • How much is involved in using electricity wisely (Duh - I had no worries, the bill was always under $100)
  • How Diesel costs matter (Diesel used to be a thing that I thought only over the road truckers cared about)
  • The value of solar panels and batteries
  • The importance of planning out your laundry duties
Happens often at our house:
A person walks into a room and turns a light or fan on, and then rounds the corner and heads to the bathroom ... A certain guy walks by, sees no one in the actual bedroom portion of the room ... BAM - The person is very likely to have the lights and fan turned off while they are using the facilities. But only because Troy is an electricity Nazi. At the end of each day we get to hear the rundown on who he busted that day. Today he got Britt once, Paige once, and Isaac twice. If you lived with him, you would withdraw your Facebook friendships. I know you would.