Sunday, May 25, 2008


Britt and Lydie are having a great time together Britt has a thing for Lyd, and has since day one. She gets to golf with Troy at the famous Petionville course this week, climb to Petit Bwa with Paige - they last did that in August of '07. She is also doing some wound care for the patients that Dr. Jen had been seeing. Today she took stitches out of a dog bite and worked on a burn. She said it is very fun to be here and able to work again.

The mosquitoes are horrific right now, as you can see two of them found Lyd's head in the night. Dumb bugs. I woke up with 8 new bites. (Jen & Tess - we remembered the Chloroquine without your prompting. We're all grownz-up.) The house full of runny noses and red eyes seems to be heading toward winding down ... well, except Troy seems to have the man cold version ... no further comment on that.

It is really odd to look back at old blog posts from a year and two ago ... I try not to because sometimes I think Huh, I wish I had not said that or wow, I don't feel that way anymore! I guess it proves we're all on a journey and things change, even without us knowing it.