Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dr. 30

Later today we'll take off to celebrate Jen's 30th Birthday. There must be a reason to go to the beach, and 30 is definitely a good one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!
We may be without Internet for a few days. Troy and Greg are going to take the satellite dish down and move it to a new location - we are hoping that by connecting to a new satellite we might increase our speed.
Noah has a crush on Marcia and walks around saying "Maaawshaaa" quite a bit. He has a thing for the Erickson women I guess. This morning both Isaac and Noah are having tummy problems and they wondered aloud together what would happen if they pooped in the pool. That should make for an interesting day. ;( I really hope we don't find out what would happen.
Congratulations to our sweet Britty who completed her first semester yesterday. She has also completed her post-finals melt-down and is ready to move on with life. Good job Britt - You did it!
More later ...