Thursday, May 22, 2008


Britt made it in this morning. We're having fun showing her anything and everything that has changed since she was last here. 2 pounds of Strawberries down, 6 to go.

Today as I laid Lydie down for nap and she grinned at us, Hope said, "That is such a crazy baby you adopted Mama" I said, "What?" Hope repeated her statement. I said, "I didn't adopt Lydia honey." She gave me a blank look and said, "Oh, huh!?" Isaac chimed in with kind of a "sorry about your luck" tone of voice and said "Yeah, well ... what do you call it when you're not adopted?" I love that these kids view adoption as a superior way to join a family. So wonderfully cute.

Lots of catching up to do here with our oldest baby girl. The crowd of siblings cheering on the porch as we drove up the drive earlier today could be heard throughout LaDigue. The excitement and fanfare matched that of an astronaut returning from a long space journey.