Thursday, May 01, 2008


from an email written by Dan Adler on May 1 (Nat'l Day of Prayer USA)

"As I was watching Charlie Rose last night, interviewing a noted African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Pastor, this African American pastor closed his interview by saying this: "I believe that if the Church will come together, then the nation will follow." I said "Amen!" to that! The challenge to myself and to all of us is, "What are we, as individuals and congregations, doing and going to do, to be actively bringing the Church together across ethnic and denominational lines so that the world will truly know we are Christians by our love for one another?" We all know what we're against and what we disagree with. But what are we for and what do we agree about?

Most of us will acknowledge that our subculture divisions are not the will of God, but how many of us are doing anything tangible to make changes - and how many of us even carry the burden of these divisions in prayer? Let's always remember that every change starts with individuals making choices for good or for evil. And the choice to do nothing is a passive choice to let evil prosper because division is never static.

I'm convinced that politics and politicians aren't the answer. The world needs an army of Holy Spirit filled, humble servants called Christians who are marching on their knees, conquering hate with love, injustice with justice, despair with hope and death with life!

So join with me in continuing to ask God what choices you and I can make to see the beautiful Bride of Christ look as spotless and beautiful as the Groom, Jesus, is worthy of and that the world is longing to see. Revive us, O Lord!"