Thursday, July 03, 2008

paige reporting from the field

Yesterday Paige came in to report that there was a Haitian American girl her age visiting LaDigue for the first time. The girl was visiting with her mom. Her mom was born here and lived here most of her life, but moved to the USA. The girl that Paige met is 13. She had never visited Haiti or her Mother's hometown before this week. Paige is also 13 so this was quite an odd thing for her.

I enjoyed hearing Paige talk about her. Paige said these things:
  • "Yeah, her mom is going to leave here early to take her back to Florida to make sure none of the mosquitoes gave her Malaria! Ha. Can you believe that? They want to just go test right away. Instead of staying two weeks they are going home for that reason."
  • "I asked her if she wanted to go swim in the dam - she said, no, she would not go in that water. Mom, she won't go in the water!"
  • "I asked her if she liked Haiti, she said "no it is kind of weird, the bathrooms are different and it is hot and there are so many bugs."
  • "Mom, she is less Haitian than me. I could tell she thinks I am weird. It was very interesting."
(old photo of paige and kerline)