Saturday, July 19, 2008

Welcome Friends

How fun would it be to actually own and use this towel sometimes? I know you can think of someone you'd love to set it out for next time they come to your house. If you can't, you are so much nicer than us, and you're lying. :)

The last couple of years have been a great growth experience for us. As a family we've all grown. It has been very good for us to learn about hospitality and serving others. The kids roll with it and do a great job with the varied schedule. Troy and I have figured out how to communicate under the pressure, we even get along for most teams now! Honestly, I can cook for 30 people without wigging out at all. I learned something, I learned something! Shocking, I know.

Sometimes when a visitor launches into a four point - two hour long sermon about what we SHOULD be doing to fix all of Haiti's problems, along with a list of 30 things that are not new ideas, I fantasize about sticking a mango in their mouth and walking out mid-lecture...But this towel would be equally as satisfying. In reality I stand and listen and nod my head, acting like I have never heard anything so brilliant before in my life.

i.e.: "Haiti needs infrastructure." REALLY? Great observation.

For now I will simply say - we won't be setting the towel out this week. (Partly because we don't actually own that towel.) Our friends from Lighthouse Church in Michigan are headed to Haiti today and we're all ready for their arrival. They will be with us until next Sunday.