Thursday, July 31, 2008

party party party

  • Noah is all better, thank you for asking.
  • The 36th 29th birthday was fun, and not over yet - Thanks!
  • Troy is taking me to some sort of spa tomorrow (my gift - and yes, it is shocking that such a place exists here, but it does!!! I had no idea.) I have never had a pedicure before, but tomorrow that will no longer be true.
  • Luke Renner stopped in today - did a little of his camera guy media wizardry stuff - he is highly entertaining and makes us all laugh.
  • Annie is an easy little girl... But, ever since Matt visited she does not want to take her morning nap - so Jeronne says "Papa Annie te ga'te li" or "Annie's dad spoiled her."
  • We have not made a decision on a house -- mainly because we're cautiously waiting to see if it (the one we like) *IS* the house - you know, giving God a chance to remove the house - or something kind of twisted like that. We really truly will decided by Friday and if the perfect house that we really like is still available, and no other option appears ... we will just assume all the ends ($) will meet and that it is meant to be.
  • It is a nice clean house. As weird as it might sound, having a nice clean house seems wrong or something. I could spend paragraphs and days trying to explain that statement...but I won't.
  • Britt's fiance ... our future son-in-law (Chris) comes to Haiti tomorrow for a one week visit. That is so weird to write ... Son - in - law. Wow. I fell asleep and woke up living an older persons life.
  • Speaking of the starry eyed girl, Britt got to stitch up a finger yesterday in the clinic, it seems that doing stitches is like riding a bike, you just get back on and go - no problems.
  • Paige is not limping anymore. Swelling is mostly down. She tried on her uniforms - she is polishing up her mad-math-skills and getting anxious.
  • Phoebe is seriously one of the crankiest 21 month old on the face of the earth. It is all because of language. She said much more three months ago than she does now and I think it is because we've introduced so much Creole that she forgot her English - or it got jumbled up or something. It is really okay with us, we know it will come--- but boy does she get ticked off easily.
  • Luke tried to get Isaac to help out with a video project he is working on. The assignment was "don't smile - stand here and look serious" --- oh my goodness, there has never been a worse person for the job of NOT smiling. We quickly fired Isaac and gave Hope the job. She rocked the house.
  • I mentioned every child in one post. If I miss talking about one for a while people get concerned. They are all still here - and have now been given equal time. :)
  • Doh! I just realized I missed Lydie. Darn it!!!! It cannot be done.
  • We're going to be trying to get some big things communicated, done, and decided... therefore, in the next few days posting could be infrequent.