Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Quick Run Down

  • Bullet points are excellent for sharing many unrelated items. Here we go:
  • Please, buy a book. The guy behind the book is a total babe. (End of shameless promotion.)
  • Pastor Rony tapped on the gate at 2:45am the other night, he and his wife are about to have their 7th baby. We're waiting on news now. She is in St.Marc waiting to deliver. Keep them in your prayers, they are expecting a girl any time now.
  • The new missionary couple arrives with a team in a week to begin settling in and training - we're attempting to get their house ready and fill the refrigerator for them.
  • Today we went to meet up with the Borlase Family - it was a super-cool thing to meet them and spend about an hour with them. They brought in some treats (strawberries consumed by boys within one hour) for us, picked up their son and headed back to the airport. I have a cute photo but I am not sure I should be sharing *their* moment. I will wait for them to do that. Congratulations to their entire family!
  • We went to the grocery store, Zach was there too. When it came time to head to the diet pop aisle I was prepared for things to come to fisticuffs but as it turned out I did not need to take big Z. down, there was not a can of diet pop to be found today. :( Lucky for Zach.
  • The medical clinic has been open for almost three weeks. Things are going pretty well, all things considered.
  • We took the four oldest kids to swim on Sunday. It turned out to be some of the best people watching of all time. There was a lady who seemed to be attempting to entertain the entire crowd. Paige was laughing so hard she had to bend down and hide. The lady had on a very tiny swimsuit and she kept getting out and running and jumping in over and over and over. The way she jumped was the most interesting part. Maybe Troy will do a reenactment video for you. :) She did this without adjusting coverage. It was incredibly odd & totally impossible to ignore.
  • Isaac's random questions of late: Where is Antarctica? Okay where is Pennsylvania? Okay do they have bats there? (Do you?) What is your favorite meat-eating dinosaur? Okay what about your favorite plant-eating dinosaur? Alright then tell me again how you found me and about adopting me. When I grow up can I live in America? (Yes, as long as you have a very nice extended stay suite for your aging and tired parents.)
  • Phoebe has all of her words jumbled in her head. If you hand her something she says, "welcome" if she wants up or down she says "out" - if she means yes, she says "no" - but no also means no in some cases. Troy is "Mama."
  • Noah wants to be brown. He told us this last week. There are so many odd reversals with our kids. Noah loves rice and beans and prefers Haiti. Isaac is kind of luke warm on all things Haiti, and loves America ... has no plan of living his life out in his birth country.
  • The photo above is old. But it always makes me laugh. Poor boy - just wants to blend in.
  • The house we thought we rented. Uh. No. Apparently we did not. TIH. There must be something else out there for us.
  • The ten-day "business travel" forecast for PAP : 97 to 99 degrees each day, with a "feels like" temp of 104 to 109.
  • Jeronne is so awesome to have around. She is mellow and helpful and great with the kids. Annie and Lydia both love her. She is the nanny that doubles as a body-guard. (Check out those pipes.)