Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Years of Work Complete

In "Rocks in the Sun" you'll find Troy's best photos from the last two and a half years in Haiti complied in a photo book he has been working on for many months.

The book has over 250 beautiful, colorful photos, along with some of our favorite Haitian Proverbs. We're hopeful that you'll preview it. (You can look at the front cover, the back cover and the first 15 of the 120 page book.) Blurb offers a price break for volume orders.

We've priced it well, hoping you'll consider buying a couple of copies. There are three versions available at different prices. We make approximately $28 per book sold. All proceeds from the book will be used toward our start-up costs as we move into a new phase of ministry.

We appreciate your help getting the word out!

Thanks for checking it out!

with love,
tara & troy & kids