Sunday, June 01, 2008

blubbering fool

I spent the weekend missing Britt and feeling guilty for being so far away from her. I flipped in and out of prayer - unless you count commiserating with yourself some sort of prayer language - and if you do, well then, I prayed the ENTIRE weekend.

Britt wanted to go to school early, we were hesitantly supportive. But it has been hard for her and hard for us. Having her here last week felt so normal. My reaction to her leaving was stronger than I anticipated. Stronger than the emotions of leaving her in January. Beth McHoul tells me I am normal. I am not sure what that means ... if you've met her husband you know why I question her idea of normal. ;)

So in my praying times I kept asking God for ideas, for ways in which I could encourage Britt from afar. I specifically prayed about people in her area that might kind of "mother" her a bit.

Britter just called from Texas, summer classes start this week. She told me that Abby B. (not sure she wants her whole name on the Internet) rocked the house today. You must know that I have never met Abby, neither has Britt. But today, someone I've never met volunteered to drive Britt from Austin to Waco (not a short trip) and refused to let her pay for gas, bought her lunch and took the time to take her grocery shopping before dropping her to her place.

Britt said it was not a small thing because this is the very first time she has ever had to do a "real" grocery trip. Up until this point she was on a meal plan, in a dorm and did not have to consider things like toilet paper and saran wrap. Abby helped her with all of that. A person I have never met. How is that for a quick turn-around and an answer to prayer?

Thank you SO MUCH Abby and Rony. My overactive tear ducts turned out some product when Britt shared the ways you blessed us today. Thank you.

Britt, we're cheering for you. We know this is a BIG thing you're doing. We love you and we're certain that you CAN do it. AND, we're also counting the days until you come back here. Sic' em bear!

And, for your enjoyment ... word for word Isaac's dinner prayer tonight:

dear god
thank you so much for britt and help her lord and never let her give up and never let anything get in the middle of the way of her and we love her lord. amen. and oh maybe send her gold.

After the prayer-

Me- Send her gold?

Ike - Yeah, I don't know how God is gonna do that though.