Wednesday, June 25, 2008


  • We talked with Tipap and he informed us we need to add "fil fe American"to the house we rented. We thought we were hearing him wrong, but he kept repeating fil fe American – or American iron wire … apparently one type is just fil fe (regular barbed wire) and one is "fil fe American." It is considered American because it is more expensive and used by Americans down here. Are you all using razor wire around your houses now? A product has been named as if you are
  • Watermelon season is in full swing. We're consuming at a rate of one melon per day - Pastor Rony is our dealer and is doing a great job of assuring that supply meets demand
  • Yesterday a substitute worker showed up to replace his brother as a intake person in the medical clinic. This is something that happens frequently in this culture, if you cannot work you simply send the replacement of your choice. Try that at your job and let us know how it goes for you. ;) The word came that the replacement worker had informed the head cook (Aline) that he was working until 5pm and would require a meal, but did not like the cornmeal being prepared in the feeding program, therefore she would need to prepare an alternative meal for him. Aline came to Troy for some backing ... replacement employee was set straight in a jiffy
  • Paige and Asline and Kerline sometimes hang with another girl named Magene. Magene goes to school in Port and lives with family there during much of the year. She has returned for the summer and this fourth person really throws a wrench into the working relationship the three girls have built. Paige said yesterday, "You know the drama is going to start right away and I am just going to stand back and watch and not be involved. It is so easy to see that Magene has been Port-au-Princeized." HA! I thought that was quite a funny statement, I'm uncertain of what it actually means though. Us village-folk remain un-port-au-princeized for now. ;)
  • Noah woke me up at 1:20 attempting to vomit on my feet. He redirected just in time and spent the night in our room with a tummy ache. For now he remains down for the count and quarantined.
  • Last night at supper we learned that Noah wants 8 kids, Isaac wants 6 and Hope wants 5. Isaac has informed us that his children are named already, and his three sons will be called - Moseph, Joseph, Zechias, (a wee little man was he) -- and 3 girls- Melissa, Alissa, and Kayson. And, for the record he will live in either the country of America or the country of Texas - he is still thinking it over for now. Hope only knows that her first daughter will be Sarah because she loves that name. Noah only knows that his wife needs to look like Tess. Isaac has clearly put the most thought into all of this.
  • If you live in the Twin Cities area or a reasonable distance from there and you have any need or interest in a 6 piece (Armoire, long Dresser w/mirror, nightstand, headboard/footboard/frame) King size bedroom set, in perfect condition (photo shows similar set - not actual set) - please email us. Proceeds will go toward purchase of fil fe American and numerous other start-up costs.
  • We found out that the court papers that were served by the former school director amounted to a silly practice in this culture that says -- even though you have settled your case -- you have six months to decide that you don't like how it settled and go back and re-sue the person you settled with. We're unsure of what it will amount to, probably just another few hundred dollars and some inconvenience. TIH.
  • Ten years ago today, Troy and I got legally hitched. Our families were unaware of this, but my friend Lisa (the elderly pregnant one) was our witness, so she knows the story. We had our wedding on the calendar for Nov 14 - we had Uncle Rick lined up to officiate. We had all the traditional wedding plans made.... But we were faced with a little health insurance dilemma and being married would help all four of us get really great health insurance. Without much thought we headed over to the J of the P and asked him to marry us. It was spur of the moment, late in the afternoon. The guy was about 108 years old and not as sharp as he had probably once been. He actually married two people by the names of "Tracey and Tara LivERsay". He never called Troy by the right name - not once. We giggled our way through it -- signed up for our killer-good insurance and pretended that it had not happened - waiting for the real day to come. November is our true anniversary, but today stirs up memories of old retired Judge Swenson ...and his sweet little wife Nella, who served as the second witness. I love you Tracey - Happy fake Anniversary!