Wednesday, June 18, 2008


After Hope and Isaac came to MN in 2002, Troy and I were searching for a church with some color. I recognize that to some of you- that just sounds stupid. It might not even make sense. I'll just say that once you've had your kid be treated poorly and you're pretty certain it is based on the fact that his skin is not white, you start to care about things like making him feel normal and valued and loved. You desire to go places and be with people that get what you're up against.

So, we went to this church located in a suburb of Minneapolis. I won't name it - because the point is not to attack them - the point is to think about what they taught. They were all about prosperity. They made sure you knew it by the chandelier in the entry. You know, if you follow Jesus there is no reason he won't give you everything you want. GAH! I cannot believe we went back after the first time we heard that. But we did... Because, hey - black people are not that easy to locate in Minnesota. Ultimately, we realized - that teaching people that Jesus equals fancy things is a great disservice and also (insert Dwight Schrute voice) it is FALSE.

Try to sell that to this country. Tell faithful believers in mud huts in Kenya all about it. See how they receive that message.

I love sarcasm (newsflash) - therefore this post about prosperity is maybe one of my favorite things ever.
Be sure to read the end of it, after the list. The less sarcastic thoughts are there.

Stuff has never made me happy. I've certainly tried that route - thinking things are what will fill me up and at times fall back into thinking "Oh, I gotta have that!" In reality, anytime my heart has swelled with the fullness of God's love ... it was because I was surrounded by people I love - not things I love.

(Troy is off and on his way to MN. Isaac sensed my sadness and said, "God loves you Ma, He will take care of our Daddy.") :)