Monday, June 23, 2008

Paige & Her Friends

Paige somehow managed to blend into the Haitian culture better than any of us ... our Haitian-born children included. We're totally entertained by her and think she defines the "Third Culture Kid" pretty well.

We get a kick out of all of the ways Paige has embraced this culture. The other day she came home from the market and when I asked what she had purchased she said, "I am going to start washing my clothes by hand like the Haitians do - I got some stuff for that."

She actually is gardening with her friends too. They swim in the dam, they dance, they giggle and gossip, they share clothes and shop together ... although, don't be picturing a mall - picture an insane open-air market place, heated up to about 108 degrees with bodies smashed up against each other. Now add in some body-odor, some raw meat and some flies ... She LOVES it.

She will sit and chat at the gate every.single.night. for hours.

In this video she introduces her two best friends, Kerline and Asline .