Friday, June 20, 2008


Not that long ago I wrote about the changes Haiti has caused (in us) and how the changes sometimes make us sort of uncomfortable in our own skin.

It is so odd to have thought one thing for your entire life - and then suddenly find yourself thinking about things differently. There are times when we actually say, "What is happening to us?" The changes effect our faith, our politics, the way we relate to people, our entire worldview is being totally harassed and shaken by this place.

We were once as sure of ourselves as the Family Ties character, Alex P. Keaton . What a great character.... that guy was SURE of himself. Now we find ourselves looking closer at multiple topics and questioning some of the things we once held dear. Rather than trying to know everything about everything, we kind of feel like we are in this place of stepping back from knowing so much and just sort of taking time to sort through it and trying to BE. It might sound like apathy, but it is not -- not at all.

We're being convicted that our bonds in Christ actually free us to disagree. (even with ourselves lately) Because, we can agree that His blood was shed for the healing of the world - and the world needs healing.

After that last post a former missionary family wrote to me and said that it would be more weird if we were not changing. They said living as an expatriate anywhere would cause that - but especially living in a culture with poverty and multiple challenges everywhere you turn. They said their faith was rocked because they saw so much devastation and hurt that it was hard to reconcile it with the way they related to and thought about their faith, views, etc.

We just hope that we're able to use these experiences to grow closer to one another and to God. We hope that rather than feeling misunderstood or alone - that we might search for and find a deeper understanding of what it really means to live in (and offer to others) His healing mercy and grace.


My darling husband dislikes this drawing-out-the-reader blog technique - he is quirky that way... but I am curious so I am ignoring him.
Q. What event in your life made the greatest impact and challenged your worldview?