Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To Troy - Happy Birthday- 33 Things


You are my love and my best friend and my favorite person on the face of this earth. But you already know all of that. The 33 things for your 33 years is an attempt to tell you some things you might not know- that I love about you. (In no particular order.)

  1. Your devilish good looks
  2. The tricks you can do with your eyebrows
  3. Your furry legs
  4. The way you put people at ease
  5. Your awesome Kip (Napoleon Dynamite) impersonation
  6. Your heart for worship
  7. The way you compliment me and our daughters daily
  8. Your KungPow Chicken
  9. Your problem solving skills
  10. Your faith
  11. Your smile (the way your eyes smile too)
  12. You’ll stand up for what you believe no matter what – you’re never concerned with doing or being what is popular, you’re simply concerned with doing what is right - you LIVE your beliefs
  13. Your widows-peak
  14. Your weird and entertaining sense of humor
  15. Your Mensa-brand intelligence
  16. HA! The way you defend me – remember when you threatened to beat up that tall fat man for me?
  17. The care you show in trying to spend a few minutes one on one time here and there with each of our kids (and that is not easy)
  18. Diaper changing Dads are dead sexy
  19. You let me vent without judging me – you allow me to feel things without correcting me – you accept me right where I am no matter what
  20. You fight fair
  21. Your passion for the Philly steak sandwich & BBQ Ribs
  22. Your willingness to give up things you love to be where God wants you
  23. The new gray hairs that you are getting
  24. Your obsession with researching products before you buy
  25. Your talented artist eye for photography
  26. The way you try to make people laugh by being willing to make a fool of yourself
  27. The smell of your neck
  28. Your kiss
  29. Your night owl tendencies
  30. Your ability to roll-with-it no matter how difficult things get
  31. Your sweetness shines through in everything you do
  32. The way you maneuver around Port Au Prince with ease and skill
  33. The total studly way you look while water skiing

Happy Birthday Baby!