Thursday, June 12, 2008

bullet points for all the bullet point junkies

  • Jeronne, the lady that helps out at our house in the mornings has been working on her English. So far, everything she knows she learned from Elmo. She says, "Oh boy! that tickles!" And she says it perfectly.
  • It is bloody hot here lately.
  • The short-term team has a lot of teenage boys. This has made for some interesting moments with our teenage daughter. We'll be banning teams with boys ages 14-18 from here on out. We already had one daughter fall in love in Haiti.
  • We're searching for a new country in which to serve, possibly one too far away for American boys to visit. Isaac has always liked Madagascar ... hmmmmm
  • We always get a kick out of people visiting Haiti and speaking English and assuming everyone understands them ... and then maybe speaking English LOUDER to help them out if they don't understand. IF I YELL AT YOU IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE-- THEN MAYBE YOU WILL SPEAK THAT LANGUAGE!?!?!? That is soooo logical. So, the other night one of the team members launches into a long conversation with Pastor Rony. We were listening from the porch trying not to pee our pants. Rony is learning English but he was totally scamming the visitor. The guy said a lot of things and Rony would keep responding with his best, most interested sounding "Ooohhh yes" at one point the guy said, "I'm not much of a basketball fan really ... " Rony just stuck with what he knows and said, "ooohh yes!" It was all very entertaining.
  • If you want to read something really funny, read this post. We've been examining our own buying habits and just recently decided that some changes are in order. We're finding that even in Haiti, we consume more than necessary. Our kids still manage to be "stuff" focused. We're hoping to fix that. We want our kids to know the difference between need and want. We're working on teaching them all about planned and perceived obsolescence. More on that another time.
  • Isaac said to Troy the other day- "Daddy, how long have you had me?" Troy said, "Almost six years buddy." Isaac said, "Is there such a thing as 100 years? When you have me 100 years then will I really be yours?" Troy assured him that he is REALLY ours now. It just reminded us that we can never remind our kids often enough that they are OURS.
  • Love wash over a multitude of things ... love wash a multitude of things ... make us whole There is a love that never fails, there is a healing that always prevails, there is a love that never fails --- the lyrics to the song I am listening to as I type this random report.
  • Okay. I have no idea if this will reach the desired party. But I am giving it a shot. First, let me set this up a bit. Have you ever been in public with one of your kids and had them freak out at the sight of their teacher? I remember vividly seeing Paige's teacher at a grocery store once and she was all, "OH. MY. GOSH. MY TEACHER. MY TEACHER IS AT CUB FOODS?? MY TEACHER EATS? OH NO. WHAT WILL I DO? I have to hide!" She refused to go say Hi because her teacher had no context outside of the classroom. That person only exists in the place where Paige knows her. Having said that, we realize we've fallen victim to this troublesome phenomenon. We don't expect anyone to call us here - ever. So, the other day ... my cell phone rang and someone said "Hi is this the Livesays? Hi Tara, this is Marsha!" (or Marcia maybe) But then I said, "Marsha? I am sorry ... uh .... help me out, I am drawing a blank here..." Then the line went dead. I don't know if Marsha was too offended to call me back or if she just was warring with that which is the Haiti telephone devil. I never heard from her again. Marsha/Marcia that called me on my Haiti cell number - please, call again - write - make contact - send a telegram - something!!!! It is killing me. I must know who you are and why I have no context.
  • Happy Friday to all!