Saturday, June 28, 2008

We have a winner! (2 actually)

Our quest for Corporate Sponsorship has come to an end. We're contacting VIP's at both companies to discern who can offer us a better package. We'll either be promoting Depends adult diapers -- or MasterCard. Whether that means walking around with our diapers exposed or painting our vehicle with the MC logo - we're game... Just show us the money. ;)

Representing the West Coast, Kristen Howerton and proud to be representing the East coast, Bryan Fox ... They have both won Letters from a Skeptic by Gregory Boyd.

WINNER ONE- Kristen Howerton
Was inspired by the story about Aaron Ivey's ill-fated walk, as well as her own recent adventure with “Haitian Happiness”.

check out her winning entry at:

Was inspired by his first hand experiences in Haiti. His Entry:

  • 9 airline tickets to Haiti = US$5,000
  • 1 Mitsubishi L200(slightly used) = US$18,000
  • 1 Block house with missing doors, windows and plumbing.Occasionally has current = US$300.00/month
  • Enough food to feed the Livesays for one year = US$10,000.00
  • 52 boxes of tissues for drying tears when you miss friends and family= US$79.00
  • Petty cash to pay off out of control motorcycle riders that decide to use your truck bumper as crash pad = US$100.00 (likely to happen multiple times a year)
  • Serving God and growing to love the people of Haiti = Priceless

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's Mastercard.

www. Brokebutblessed . com (proposed web address)

About the winners:
Kristen is the mom of two (soon to be three) beautiful children and lives in California. She and her husband Mark are currently adopting a little boy from Haiti. Kristen is a professional counselor, and obviously, very creative. She also enjoys the Internet more than laundry. We were excited to meet her and get a peek at her cute family when they visited Haiti last month.

Bryan is a busy father and husband. He currently resides in Georgia and is a Missions Pastor at a church outside of Atlanta. He and his wife Kelly are raising four rambunctious little boys. Bryan was the full-time missionary here in LaDigue for two and a half years. We were able to meet his family in September of 2005. He has a deep love for the people of Haiti.

A special thank-you to Marcia Erickson, queen of the hook-up and Greg Boyd, Prince of book writing, for the prize donation.