Friday, February 27, 2009

GRANT!!!Growth Opportunity

Heartline Women's Program Updates

The Women's program had plenty of heavy moments today. We have a new lady with whom we needed to share HIV + test results. That is never easy. One lady threw up. Four ladies were so anemic we are not sure how they were able to get to class. One had her baby girl on Sunday and brought her to show us.

As always, we pumped them all full of teaching, vitamins, directions, lectures and prayers.

The need for basic health education is huge. We're attempting to make a small dent in some of the incorrect assumptions and superstitions while hopefully encouraging personal growth and positive change.

We now see 36 women in Early Childhood Development, 20 in Prenatal, 22 in sewing and 18 in the current literacy class. (That is 96 women currently being encouraged and trained.) The programs for women continue to grow as word of mouth brings new ladies that need help each week. We need to grow responsibly and slowly but at this time space and money won't allow for more ladies to join us.

In the coming week or two we will be introducing you to a brand new web site for learning more about the Heartline Women's Program and the products the sewing school is creating. A talented and generous family in California (who I will introduce you to when the site launches) has agreed to become our stateside support team. This brand new web site will become the place we'll direct anyone who is interested in purchasing a purse made in Haiti by our ladies and anyone interested in hosting a purse party to spread the word about Haiti and Heartline Ministries and programs.The BIG news:
Heartline has been given a 15K matching grant. If we can raise 15K in the coming months, there is a Foundation ready and willing to match it. Would you consider making a donation toward this special opportunity? Many of you have expressed love and interest in the women of our program - this is a great way to make your money go a lot farther. Click here to see the information on the grant from the SG Foundation.

Click ON THE HEARTS to donate to this special opportunity.(As of today just under 5,000 has been raised - we have 10K left to raise to be awarded the matching funds.)

Thank you so much for helping us love the women and children of Haiti.

*edit - 3/3/08
The "SG Foundation" asked us to remove their letter from the Heartline site - they prefer to remain anonymous. Please pray about helping us raise the entire 15K so that it can become 30K!