Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Phoebe, House, Police ... and More

  • Phoebe is big into screaming when she is angry. Lydia and Annie copy Phoebe. We need a new leader.She looks very sweet in that photo. Don't be fooled. ;)
  • This is where we live. Like many homes here, it is all cement construction. There is not a single piece of drywall in our house. We were very thankful to find a clean and nice house that had never been rented before. Downstairs is a family room, dining room, kitchen, porch/front room, one bedroom and one bathroom. Upstairs there are three bedrooms and two baths and the giant wrap around patio where we do all of our smack-talking and sit and listen to roosters as we unwind.The roosters live to the right and the generator haters live to the left.
    In the back yard there are separate quarters with two rooms and a bathroom.Tipap has one room and Jeronne has the other. They are free to be in the house anytime they want/need to be ... we've all adjusted well to sharing living quarters. At first it was very weird, but over time we've got it mostly figured out.

  • Troy just got a letter from the famous firm in San Antonio known as "Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson" telling him the great State of Texas still wants money for a seat belt ticket he got in 2005. He is a wanted man. We did not intentionally ignore it, there was some court date but we had already moved here and then we forgot about it. He either needs to pay it or never ever return to Texas ...
  • Troy visited "Love a Child" today with the group from MN. He has long been curious about it and said it was quite an operation. There was on police stop that required some smooth talking. (notice the Troy and police theme here?) The van that we borrow for teams has lapsed insurance (yes you are required to get insurance here and no it does not pay for anything when you get in an accident) and we've had a heck of a time getting it renewed. Nothing .... and I do mean nothing seems to happen without four extra steps and a lot of headaches.
  • Don't hold back your questions on the sporty - fun - gas efficient Suburban - your purchase of a Suburban will fund the education of one point two five little Livesay people next year. That will bring you such satisfaction and warm feelings as you drive around town looking sooo so good... But before you go to Texas, be sure to transfer the title.
  • Tina heads home today. :( We are sad.
  • The country is getting ready to celebrate Carnival this weekend and next week ... things get a bit nutty - we're hoping to catch some of it with the camera and post photos soon.