Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Survival Mode - 4 day Marathon begins now

For the next four days you will hear very little from Livesay Family Headquarters. We need to focus on keeping small people diapered, fed and alive while Jeronne is gone. Forget about clean, we are hard-core realists and clean does not make the list. (Jeronne says she will return Saturday.)

It appears that EDH has pulled up stakes and left our neck of the woods. I hope someone is benefiting from this. People in Jacmel: Are you getting round the clock power now???? I sure hope so. In the last 40 hours EDH has come on exactly 0 times. When your mood and ability to cope is directly linked to the number of hours the city provides electricity, things can get a bit ugly in times like this.

Yesterday Phoebe got her thumb shut in the hinge side of a door. Her entire nail came off in one piece. There was blood. There was screaming. She has a gigantic wrap on her right hand and seems to be coping with the pain pretty well now. Benedryl came to the rescue at one point.

So far this morning only one glass bottle of liquid has been pulled from the cabinet and broken into a billion pieces on the floor. Two beds were stripped of their pee-stained sheets, but zero laundry has been started. Just one trash can has been pulled over and only three babies and one adult have screamed simultaneously for fifteen minutes. Three kids left for school on time but left a ginormous mess in the kitchen to prove they rushed out the door.


I'll catch you on the other side of the next few days ... if I make it there. ;)

(and we'll be fine)