Monday, February 09, 2009

Merci Jezi ?

Thank you Jesus ...

uh ... ahem ... for the 'flipping of the bird' stickers for the back of our bus.

Appreciate it.

And ... it has been a long time since we last featured a "Kennedy" ... go here for explanation.
Last Sunday this guy in pink was standing next to us in church ... which made his shirt that much funnier to the immature people (with cameras) at church.

It says: "If you think I am a B word - you should meet my sister" Allllrighty then. Back to praise and worship.
(The immature prefer to remain anonymous - for their own protection.)

We had such an amazingly fun weekend. Friday night we made salsa and had a family dance party. Saturday we went to a crazy-great birthday party with ponies! Sunday we had church, lunch with Big Zach, and some chill time.
Hoping your weekend was great too ... Auntie Tina comes this week and the troops are more than a little excited for that.

(Tina, Noah is watching Evita over and over in preparation of your arrival.)