Monday, February 16, 2009

Updates of the Random Variety

  • Paige's Kids Club had a few rough weeks. Gorge was not letting the kids come because they had to work. Those are his words, not ours. Last Sunday four came about an hour late. Paige is doing great with them and they seem to have fun while they are here with her. Nehemie is also back, for which we have no real explanation yet. On Sunday Gorge informed us that he loved us, would do anything for us, and he means anything ... and also that he had just had quite a bit to drink.
  • Christianne is all up to date on her rent and seems to be doing great with baby Ella.
  • Natasha is looking for a house and coming to Tuesday classes.
  • There is a team in from MN. We're sort of peripherally helping with the group. They're working out at Chambrun (that means something to a few readers) for the next two days. We'll hook back up with them Thursday.
  • Some funny guy wrote to Troy and said when he googled searched "missions in haiti without legalism" that we came up. That totally entertains. We like that guy.
  • Paige is all starry eyed mushy gushy smiley happy over a boy. It is cute and scary all at once. I suppose it will be one long string of romances and broken hearts from here on out ... five girls feels like quite a few to calmly steer through this stuff. We may need some bubble wrap for the heart.
  • My sister is here one more day. We are making the most of it. Seven nights is not very many when it is your sister.
  • Was entertained to witness the cheesiest cheese of all cheesy nerdy short-term-missionary type guys the other night. He was over the top with his bless you bless you bless you Bless the Lord bless you Christian-ese. Maybe you had to be there. I probably cannot do it justice. It was embarrassing. He spoke English to the locals VERY LOUDLY though, so that is always good. I know I understand Creole much better WHEN SOMEONE SCREAMS IT AT ME. (And yes I know he could be very sincere and that I am mean.)
  • We ran 12 miles today, it was fun to bring Tina on a longer run. It went well, no major troubles. When we returned home I found out from my Mom on the phone that I am too old to be running that far. This is her way of saying she does not want me to run in Haiti. Ever. Period. If I am too old to run ... then she must basically be ready to cash it in all together - all things being relative. (Hi MOM! I'll be fine. Enough with the worry already.)
  • In one week we beat another couple in a competition of sorts, won a pair of Brooks running shoes, AND almost found a buyer for our '99 Suburban. A great week!
  • But we did not find a buyer so you should totally buy our Suburban. It is VERY pretty. 6K is all it takes. Write us for all of the fabulous details.
  • Four + pounds of cheese now consumed and gone forever.