Saturday, March 14, 2009

Edy with one D

Phone conversation:

Hi Edy, Troy has been trying to reach you all day.

Oh yes yes. Here it is the problem. The battery is my phone is died. I cannot charge today. This is the point.

We're waiting on that magical insurance check to appear, Edy is involved. After he takes his cut we should be able to get a really nice roll of duct tape. Edy will be able to design and buy more bumper stickers. Because *that* is some effective marketing.


Most of our plans for today ... yeah, not so much. But the team had a full day anyway - just not what we planned. Troy has invited Aaron over to hang out and talk smack on the porch and then sleep over ... which is just weird but I really think Aaron is going to leave Jamie with the team at the guest house and stay here for a slumber party.

Are they odd? Yes. I think so. These are little bug zapper rackets. Everyone who comes here LOVES them. They make killing mosquitoes so very satisfying.