Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why must it rain?

For whatever reason, it seems like once there is one battle to fight then all of a sudden there are multiple things going on. We've had some pretty big things to deal with lately (spoken and unspoken) and the crap just seems to pile on. I know we are not alone. I know we are loved. I am just simply reporting that both Troy and I feel really heavy in our hearts lately and we will not turn down any offer for ramped up prayer covering.

Today's things we can share ...
  • Hope has been struggling with fevers and exhaustion and tested positive for Malaria today.
  • Dr. Jen is also helping us with another issue Hope has on her neck.
  • Someone stole our credit card numbers and managed to use it to charge $3,700 at Valerio Canaz, a fancy furniture store near the U.S. Embassy. Rude! We're closing it down which of course is a total pain in the butt. When we told the store they refused to care ... so while our intent was to help them not lose merchandise when our bank is not going to pay them, they acted like idiots and did not get what we were trying to tell them. Whatever.
  • Somehow when I was paying a bill the mouse toggled down and selected the wrong account to pay the bill from ... I did not notice I had bumped it ... I finished the transaction. That account had no money - it is an old one that we have not used in many months. The people at 5/3rd Bank were informed of the simple mistake. It cost them nothing, they did not cover the payment or anything. But they did charge tons of fees and then when I told them once again that it was a simple mistake ... they rewarded me by sending it to collections. I am nothing if not stubborn and they will never see that money. This is my public announcement that Fifth Third is not very nice or forgiving. If you work there and have enormous amounts of power, please talk some sense into your employer.
  • The mosquito population inside of our house has now exceeded the population of this entire country. I wish I was exaggerating.
  • Lydia is cutting molars and she hates everyone. Yes, even you. She did learn her first sentence though: "I want more." She says it 600 to 700 times a day.
  • Our schedule gets insane come the weekend and we'll need to all be healthy and ready to roll. We have a team to help and guide Friday through Tuesday.
In more entertaining news:
  • Phoebe came up to Troy and said, "Troy, I pooped." He was busy and glanced back over to what he was working on. Not one for great patience, she turned around went to Jeronne and said the same thing in Creole. She gets it. This begs the question though: Should not a child who knows to speak a different language to a different care-giver then also know to poop in a toilet? Apparently not. Luckily I LOVE buying and changing diapers and never ever want to be free from them ... we're on year 7+ right now - why stop this party?
  • Last night at family prayer time Noah was the self-appointed prayer ninja. As one person finished he would call out, "Anyone else - who's next?!?"
  • Isaac prayed for "everyone in the world to be safe" Why limit God?
  • The boys are into fighting with these light saber StarWars toys --- Noah always gets to be Luke Skywalker. Noah then declares that Isaac is "Dark Vadow". Sometimes Troy gets to be Yoda.
  • Annie is dangerous on the trike. She gets on and tries to run over anyone in her path. Last night she laid Lydie out flat by running straight into Lydie's legs. None of us were too amused. The babies seem to love each other a lot ... that is, right up until they do something incredibly violent and terrible to each other.
  • Tonight was my favorite Hippie's birthday party. His love language is junk food so we put together some of that for him. Even though he is getting on in age, no one ever accused John McHoul of leaving the 60's behind.
  • Jeronne does not speak English, but she sings it. She now knows all of the words to "I could sing of your love forever" from our Baby Praise DVD. :) It is very cute to hear.
  • Britt and Chris report that they are having an awesome time serving on the North side of the island. Britt is thrilled to have recovered her Creole and all of the things they told us on the phone last night sounded very exciting.