Monday, March 09, 2009


We are SO very excited about the brand new Heartline Women's Program Website. The site primarily focuses on the Sewing School and the products the ladies are sewing. As time goes on we hope to add in more stories and information about the other three branches of the Heartline Women's Program along with ways you can partner with us to love and serve them.

Let me introduce you to the Moseley Family. Bill and Dominique and their five children have long desired to play an active role in helping Haitian women and children. About five months ago they contacted us with their amazing offer to build a site and handle all of the USA side of the sales and shipping of purses.

They are passionate, kind and wonderful people who are truly making a difference. They have found a way to use their gifts to help Haiti and all of us working with Heartline. We're grateful for their partnership. It is now possible for you to contact them through the website to learn about hosting parties and also to read more about the ladies who sew and buy a one of a kind bag.
Also, as of tonight we have $5,400 of the $15,000 needed to receive the matching grant. This is a huge opportunity for us and we truly need your help in order to do more to help the women in our community. To donate to that cause see this post and click on the hearts.

Lastly, we love getting emails and notes from people all over. Many ask questions about moving a family to the mission field abroad or more about our story or some history. Often questions are about adoption. We try to answer those emails but sometimes we get behind - A lot of times actually. This is totally impersonal and I hope it does not offend - but on the left side of the blog there is a "Linking You" section. There you will find a lot of the answers to those types of questions. As far as adoption, we wish we had the magical answer to make adoptions easy. Our own adoption is at one year plus in the exact same place. That is not to draw sympathy, it is simply to say we have no insider information or advantage. It is a tough road and we pray for all of you on it.

Thanks for reading and for your emails. :) We're sorry if we missed getting back to you.