Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Giving Birth in Haiti

I despise sensationalized news, I truly do. So please know I don't post stories or links to stories unless I believe they are close to totally accurate and not hyped up. If you've not read this story, it is a good and accurate one.

Then see this photo journal.

This story and hundreds others like it - are the reason that Heartline desires to open a full-fledged birthing center (there needs to be a prettier name than "birthing center" but that's all I've got today). "A center in which to birth"??? ;)

Lisa Buxman a certified midwife and Beth McHoul, currently training to become a certified midwife, desire to offer a safer place for women to deliver ... the need for this is huge. Heartline will only make a dent in the overall need but it will matter and it will both improve and save lives.

Medical professionals who've visited here or live here currently will all tell you that they have seen how important this work is. Lori at Real Hope for Haiti has delivered many babies and saved multiple lives by just being there and available. There are doctors volunteering and doing grass roots type stuff all over Haiti ... one baby and one woman at a time.

The big name organizations are seeing larger numbers, but the single doctors and nurses and midwives serving quietly throughout the island are doing important work. We're so thankful to them for their service ... the need is great! Please consider how you might be the answer to helping change the statistics ... come along side Beth and Lisa and Heartline to help them help Haitian women deliver safely. We have not yet reached the 15K to receive our matching grant, but we're getting closer.