Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am still struck by how much everyone is trying to do and how many things we're pushed to be involved in. On top of raising a family and going, going all the time, every email and world issue demands we take a stand!!! The pace of daily life is mind-boggling, add in technology and the ability for everyone to get to your in-box with their !HIGH PRIORITY! information ... it is enough to drive you over the edge. (And I live in a slower paced environment than most!)

In one month I might get emails asking me to respond to issues of: the killing of harp seals in Canada, abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, poverty, the changing curriculum in the public schools, the endangered rain forest, AIDS in Africa, the persecuted church, child abuse, boycott this and boycott that, the global food crisis, the dust on the top of pop cans is going to kill us, the changing face of modern culture, environmental causes, politics and more politics ... and on and on and on it goes.

How can I (or you) possibly be informed and active in a bazillion areas --- and do I (or we) even have to be? I cannot even keep track of the issues let alone respond to them all!

It is not that I don't care - trust me, injustice keeps me awake at night - but I have determined that God calls us to certain things - not all things.

By not weighing in on each issue, I am not failing. Call me ignorant or weak or even lazy - but most days I don't have time to wipe all the butts and make everyone in *my* house feel loved and protected - and those are the issues/people I have direct control and influence over. I also understand that not everyone reading is called to respond to the issues I share about in Haiti. Some are, some are not.

I cannot and will not fight for Canadian Harp Seals or any other important issue until my God, my husband, my children and and my neighbors are loved. In that order. (Just the first two commandments - love God, love your neighbor ... after I master that, *then* I will see about taking up another cause, debating theology, or explaining why I feel what I feel about X Y or Z.)

More than anything I want my priorities to line up with His. I want what I believe to actually be reflected in how I live and love. I don't think His ways require me to respond to every issue on this globe.

When people try to get into debates about theology or the "correct" stance on a particular issue - Troy likes to say, "As soon as I get the first two commandments down, I will worry about the rest of it." He does not mean to be disrespectful, he is seriously trying to say that he is prioritizing his causes. Cause number one - love God and cause number two - love people. If that is what we all did - none of us would have time left to argue.

For me, this means deleting about 9/10ths of the petitions without signing or forwarding - and ignoring requests to write my Senator. Are there worthy causes that I ignore? Yes. Does that mean I don't care at all? No. But I choose instead to attempt to love those I have direct influence over and seek Him and seek Him and seek Him while I try to find small pockets to be still and listen to Him speak. (And sometimes I beg Him to speak.)

I have nothing against Harp Seals. They are very soft and fluffy.