Wednesday, March 04, 2009

  • March 5th is the GOLDEN birthday of a very special boy named Noah Matthew!
  • We have been having a tough week so little time or energy for blogging.
  • We got in a car accident on Delmas Monday. When Troy angrily jumped out of the car I said, "Honey be calm - be careful." Noah said, "Ma, why did you tell Dad to be careful?" I said, "Dad is angry and he needs to be careful because we are in a foreign country." Noah looked at me like I was a total idiot and said, "MA - we are NOT in a foreign country!" He then said, "There are not that many foreigns here Mom." He sure told me.
  • The medical clinic went really well today.
  • We are still asking anyone with a desire to help Haitian women and children to consider donating to the matching grant fund.
  • Sorry this is so lame and short. It's all I've got for tonight.
  • :)