Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bon Voyage

Troy took off for Haiti yesterday. Other than having his bags held back because of large quantities of rat poison, his trip sounded fairly uneventful. We often bring rodent-killing devices in our checked bags, but this time TSA did not love it so much.

The kids are all missing Jeronne and their giant dog. Troy's trip brought all of that to the surface. They are requesting that Troy get multiple photos of the dog this time (not JUST one like last time) and that if possible he bring back some of Jeronne's - diri ak pwa (rice and beans). I got home from dropping Troy yesterday and Phoebe asked, "Where daddy?" I told her he want to Haiti. She grabbed her little bag, looked at Isaac and said, "Isaac - lets go with Daddy at Haiti house. Come on!" She then mentioned every few hours all day that she "Want to go at Haiti house now."

Troy is spending the first part of this trip with three talented, artsy Texans. They are working with fairly specific goals in mind and have a short amount of time to accomplish quite a lot. The main goal is fact-finding, story gathering and story-telling.

These Texans are musicians/artists with a platform to share Haiti in front of audiences for many months to come.

As you know, the way to connect to a person across the globe with a need is to hear their story in a personal way and for them to become real to you. Statistics and overwhelming tragedy often cause us to quit listening - it feels too big. Connecting to a story of one person, one family... That grabs our attention and stirs our hearts.

Stirred hearts respond.

Robbie Seay Band - Song of Hope

Lyrics to Song of Hope:
All things bright and beautiful You are ~ All things wise and wonderful You are ~ In my darkest night, You brighten up the skies ~ A song will rise

I will sing a song of hope ~ Sing along ~ God of heaven come down ~ Heaven come down ~Just to know that You are near is enough ~God of heaven come down, heaven come down

All things new ~I can start again ~ Creator, God ~ Calling me Your friend ~Sing praise, my soul ~ To the Maker of the skies ~ A song will rise

I will sing a song of hope ~ Sing along ~ God of heaven come down ~Heaven come down ~Just to know You and be loved is enough ~God of heaven come down, heaven come down

Please be praying for Robbie Seay, Steven Bush, and Ryan Booth . (And the ever-adorable Troy.)

May beautiful stories and songs come from their time in Haiti this week.


PS- Check out the new album (we love it!) "Miracle". A previously posted song, Lament can be found here.